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About your wood

The Right Stuff

Every component that makes up each Eterna Built product is made from materials that have a positive impact on our planet.

The Wood - Izabal Agroforest

By combining native crops like cocoa with their plantations of native wood species, Izabal Agroforest has created a farm that is indistinguishable from the jungle surrounding it. Whereas in most tree farms, where logging contributes to habitat destruction, water pollution, and displacement of indigenous peoples — their farm creates habitat, promotes native species of flora, and provides opportunity for indigenous farmers.

The Leather - Waved Design

Treated using only organic products like beeswax, coconut, and grapeseed oil — our leather is ready to start developing a beautiful patina in your home.

Waved Design is a small leather maker located in Guatemala City that employs at-risk youth and uses none of the harmful chemicals found in most furniture.

The Fabric - The New Denim Project

The fabric for our outdoor furniture comes from denim thread reclaimed from the United States and Europe. By recycling these fibers, we are able to give a new life to an otherwise unusable raw material.


Head of Production

Axel Lemus Diaz


Thomas Kovacs

Lead Carpenter

Eddy Castillo

Head of Upholstery

Adelmo Baeza


Dennis Martin


Armando Reyes

Forestry Consultant

Juan Bronson

Head of Upholstery

Jonathan Alvarado

Partnering with Ecofiltro

Guatemalan company Ecofiltro has helped to bring clean drinking water to over 700,000 households and schools in Central America.

We are proud to produce wooden accessories for their filters using sustainable Guatemalan lumber.