At 3:01am on February 4, 1976 a seven-point-five magnitude earthquake struck Guatemala. Cities throughout the country were ravaged. The majority of buildings at the time were built of adobe and crumbled instantly. Many were caught sleeping, and the death toll climbed to 23,000. As a result of this catastrophic event, support rushed into the country.

Among this effort was an American named Dennis Martin. Working with the Canadian embassy, Dennis led an effort that built schools, water systems, and municipal buildings. His time spent living in the impoverished regions of Guatemala impressed upon him the importance of creating a company to employ the indigenous Mayan population. 

Working to realize his grandfather Dennis's vision, our founder Thomas Kovacs started Eterna Built. To date, we have trained over 100 Guatemalan carpenters. Our efforts to promote sustainable forestry and economic mobility are supported every time a piece of furniture is purchased.